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All our products are made from scratch with all organic ingredients. With our process we can assure that all our products do not contain any chemicals. toxins, artificials. You will not find any corn syrup, antibiotics, bleached flower, aluminium, anything that is genetically modified, We do not like highly processed food but use simple basic ingredients for our products.

We regard most fast food as non-food as it mostly does not nourish your body but damage it instead. You get a sugar yeaper from corn syrup or whatever is that highly refined and will be easily transformed into sugar in your body and get even more hunger after you ate that food. You feel sick, too full and fatigue. The moment you ate this food you think you should better not have ate it. Highly refined sugar and food that easily transforms in the body to sugar is very direct and makes you addicted to it. You will damage your whole system, get fat, some say it triggers and supports cancer, leads to diabetes even at very young ages respectively children get diabetes.

We do not like highly processed food and love simple things but on the other side we do not think that everything has always to be raw. Going from one extreme into the other is not the right way to go. We want you to enjoy your life and many things develop the best taste by cooking or roasting it. Some food is only accessible if you cook it. Raw food can transform into alcohol and gases from too much raw food can intoxicate the body and have the liver work harder. You do not want to damage your skin in your colon as this might make it transparent and have allergens come into the blood stream and trigger allergies. There is food that you want to eat raw e.g. to get enzymes but there is also food that you want to cook or roast or whatever brings you fun and delight into your life.

We think that food should be nutrition. Whenever it comes to a content of 0, 0, 0, 0 and maybe more leave-outs we exclude ourselves from these offerings. We think your body needs food but the right one.

- Yes you can eat sugar but the right one: we use evaporated cane juice for our products and try to come to level where it is not overly sweet but still fully satisfies your sweet tooth.

-Yes you can eat carbs but not the ones that easily transform into sugar in your body as it can lead to the same effect like sugar itself. It is less the fat but the direct sugar that is really your enemy when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

-Yes you can eat fat and actually your body and your cells urgently need fat but the right one.

Many say they use the best ingredients they can find / we really do exactly that. All our ingredients are organic. Sometimes these ingredients are up to 70% more expensive like our milk or our flour or even our sugar. Fast food chains always compete with each other in price wars and you can get a shake for 99 cents or a burger with fries and soda for 2 USD. But be careful that you get the most for cheap money as the competitors burger or the soda might be much bigger... If you look behind it: what you get makes you feel sick, full and fatigue. All this non-food not only does not really nourish you but even have your body loose nutrients and minerals. After you had your fast food meal you are still hungry and your body still needs to be nourished. Many start and buy very expensive supplements. Many have to go to the doctor or other practisioners and pay sometimes very high bills. Under the line your fast food has not really been cheaper as you have to add: the additional meals to get full, the additional real food to get nourished, the supplements to get necessary vitamins and minerals, the doctor bills which add up. After all that it shows that your fast food is tremendously more expensive than any all organic and wholesome food can be. You really pay multifold of what you should. With our food your body gets nourished and you get full, you get necessary vitamins and minerals, you get necessary and good carbs, fat and nutrients. Body and soul get satisfied. That is our goal as both should live together in harmonic symbiosis.

You will never find us starting a price war but we are definitely fighting our own quality war mostly against ourselves by improving our products every day.

We just turned to grass fed milk in all our products. If you have Gelato you enjoy all organic, grass fed milk. Same thing if you have a Cappuccino, a Latte or simply your coffee with milk. Our goal is that we never stand still but always try to improve what we offer. We do not stand still and every single product in the store gets redefined to get better and better every day.

We know a lot about health food, ingredients, nutrients. We know a lot about how food interacts in the body as a system and how our organism works. All our products are based on this knowledge and we start from this basis. But we still do not regard ourselves as a health food store with our products as your medicine. We are looking for the best taste possible and try to find the highest delight with our products. Eating our food should be fun and delight that is our goal. And it is not that you better eat what we offer or you have to eat what we offer but instead we try to get you to the point where you want to eat what we offer as you get hooked with your first bite...

I know that there are people who do not like chains as most of the time they get non-food and bad service. That makes them choose only authentic and single location places. That is a pity as chains can develop a strong energy and branding for its products. We want to be a chain and are offering Franchise as we think more people should have the possibility to get products which help to improve their wellbeing. We started Franchise as we think that there should be a lot of Adelheidis everywhere and we can come to higher demand of all organic products. The more people ask for organic the more we get producers to the point where they offer more organic products. The more they produce the more likely they can reduce the price for their products. The lower the price of organic products, the more people can afford organic products. If they can afford what is better for them we have made the world a little better. Join the revolution. Help us make the world better. Be an ambassador for organic maybe even be our ambassador. Tell people about our mission. Maybe open an Adeleheidi yourself in your hometown. Interested? Then check the button Franchise in the menu. Thank you for checking us out and thank you for supporting our mission.

Whatever we are doing and producing we try to find our own way and do not simply follow any mainstream. We use our mind and go a completely new path. There are many ways to come to ones goal and we are convinced that we are following the right one. But we question ourselves every day. We instruct ourselves we follow up with researches and new knowledge: one day soy milk is good, the next day it interacts as feminine hormone and is bad. One day you can have fructose with diabetes, the next day it is very bad for you. One day you should live without too much salt, the other day they tell you that you need more salt.... Too many times before there where these demagogic persons who convinced masses to follow them and they did and decades later they were proven to be wrong. One day almond milk is good, the other day pacific brand almond milk contains ingredients which trigger cancer, One day they tell you too drink more milk to get more calcium, today reasearches prove the opposite and show that you get a calcium deficit if you drink too much milk. This list is long and constantly changes so that we constantly follow up. Lean back, relax and enjoy what we offer. We do this work for you.