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Investor Relations

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ADELHEIDI is looking for its ANGELS for national expansion.

During the last 7 years we not only gathered the experience necessary to be ready for expansion we also have a long-term proof-of-concept. We see ourselves as a CPG company based on proprietary recipes and processes. Our president and founder Adelheidi masters proprietary recipes as if it is for granted to invent novelty products. Starting in a niche market with organic, gluten free and vegan products, we are solidly riding a wave that has strongly grown to a big movement in America. With our focus on wholesale we have the experience with retail and we want to use it not only for PR and branding but also to build a strong base for self-financing. Our retail stores with all our employees generate a strong cash-inflow and the concept is already launched as Franchise. We are going to open more stores nationwide. We see huge benefits in the interaction of wholesale and retail.

In the past 2 years we successfully penetrated the Florida market. At our current level we have requests from different food brokers who have seen our product in Florida groceries and have heard about its success in groceries and want to represent the products nationwide.

If you feel that you can contribute not only money but also experience and access in the field of Consumer Packaged Goods, Franchise, wholesale and retail and you feel passionate about what we are doing we kindly ask you not to hesitate and contact us.

I hope I can welcome you as my partner soon

Best Adelheidi