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About Us

Our philosophy

Adelheidi's products are dedicated gluten free and organic. With all organic ingredients you will never find any chemicals, toxins or artificials in our products. We think food should never damage your body but nourish it instead. On the other hand all natural and purely organic simply tastes better: the flavors are more intense and you get the best product possible.

Our story

Our first store opened early 2011 right in the heart of Downtown Naples, Florida. We offer dedicated organic and gluten free gelato and baked goods with a variety of vegan options. We just opened our second location in Towncenter in Naples Florida, 3 miles from our first location. This store is next to a theatre and in a strip mall. We are doing wholesale since 2014 with our crunch and our gelato in groceries throughout Florida.

About the owner

Marion Adelheid: cooking, jamming, preparing, fermenting and processing food was always as common for Marion as breathing air. She was helping her grandmother jamming fruits without preservatives which were stored for years. Most things processed came from their back-yard garden where you could find berries, apples, pears, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, salad and also rabbits. But they also made their own sauces, toppings, cake, cookies and other pastries. You could find one bucket with sauerkraut covered with a clean cloth and big a stone in one corner and a bucket with yogurt that was continuously extended in the other corner. Marion started at a very early age with the alphabet of cooking. Sparked with her passion she started an extended cooking school at the age of 16 where cooking was taught as every day lessons. After this school of life at a very early stage she never stopped experimenting and self-studying cooking and processing food. On the basis of the experience and skills, Marion masters proprietary recipes like they were for granted. For her it is easy to create a new recipe for whatever food it is to perfection.